A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Project Roo is a 2D Action Sidescroller.

“Roo”, the main character, has charted across forbidden islands in search of a mythical treasure. The four islands are littered with cybernetic creatures and traps. These islands once inhabited a factory where animals were combined with cybernetic prosthetics and experiments who now guard and protect the islands from any intruders coming onto their home land. Roo must climb, jump, fight, evade, hunt and push on to find the secret of the islands and find the treasure.

The Obstacle Course Demo (O.C.D) was created to gauge interest in the project and also gather feedback on the movement and controls of the Player. Roo O.C.D contains one full obstacle course complete with a timer! work hard to master the controls and get the best time you can!

When you're finished with the demo please consider giving feedback through the Feedback Form located here or in the main menu!

Keep up to date with the team of Project Roo!

ShadyVox, Creative Director, Music and Sound Engineering
SquareOfTheLightOnes, Pixel Art And Concepting
Xrum, Digital Art and Concepting
SpookySketches, Programming and Level Design

Install instructions

For Windows: Download the Zip and extract into a folder. Run Roo.exe.

For Android: Download the Zip and extract. Move the .APK onto your phones storage and install through your device.


Project Roo OCD Windows 99 MB
Project Roo OCD Mobile 89 MB

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