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DeadEye Knights is a Story Based Open world game created in Unreal Engine 4. DeadEye Knights follows the same conventional storytelling beats of popular games such as The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands but expands upon this by allowing the player to freely roam an open city instead of linearly traversing the same planned story beats to reach a goal, Allowing the player to make their own discoveries and piece together clues through their own inquieries instead of being handfed information through linear storytelling.

The Tank-like Controls were created from inspiration from the old Resident Evil and Silent Hill Games, Having this simplistic mode of movement cuts down on a skill cap and allows for the player to enjoy the scenery rather than fancy movement.

The First episode of DeadEye Knights takes place in an unknown time in a sudo fantasy realm. Featuring visuals more akin to an 80’s synth album, With the Player “EyeBall Knight” Departing from a train and entering The Station, this is your first chance to check your in game journal where you will find out your reason for coming to this town was to find a woman who has currently mysterious relations with you, After Leaving the Station you are then in the heart of the town, entering building after building to try and find the whereabouts of your Mysterious Friend. 

DeadEye Knights is not a Finished product and is slowly being developed over my Time at College. There is very little gameplay as the main focus was to learn how to Create new functionalities and optimize my own workflow. The Game can be completed in a 10 minute playthrough if Rushed but i hope those who play it will enjoy the scenery i have created and that you enjoy what there is within DeadEye Knights currently. Thank you.

Soundtrack Created by Blake Swift (ShadyVox)


The Game wouldn't have the same feel without the accompanying Soundtrack so please check Blake out to show him how much i appreciate the help!


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